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Topical jokes about Donald Trump signing a boob, snorting coke during a traffic stop, a guy named Bud Weisser, a baby named Saint West, gun violence in America, a burglar being eaten by an alligator, and other stuff.

Note: We're celebrating the podcast's 1 year anniversary!

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Topical jokes about Hilary Clinton, sexting secret service agents, the Syrian Army, wearing a spaghetti strainer, Charlie Sheen, and more.

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Topical jokes about Donald Trump, Joe Biden's presidential dreams, autism diagnoses, vegetarian hot dogs, being poor in LA, and of course -- Grumpy Cat.

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Topical jokes about female Viagra, a sexy police standoff, the US deficit, a test to find out if you're gay, ISIS signing bonuses, and more.

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Topical jokes about the Pope meeting Kim Davis, California's "right to die" law, a man fired for farting too much, Jeb Bush's "Stuff Happens" moment, and much more.

Trivia: Now longer than ever, this episode is almost TWO full minutes!

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Topical jokes about Whopper Wine, Gay pride Doritos, Hillary Clinton, Donald Trump's Bible, and much more.

Note: By popular demand, the podcast will now feature a minimum of 8 jokes, instead of the previous 6.

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Topical jokes about Hillary Clinton's emails, the minimum wage in New York, refugees in a concentration camp, Best Buys inside Macy's, having sex on an airplane, a baby drinking vodka, and other stories I'm too lazy to list.

Weekend Update Edition: These are the jokes from my Weekend Update submission packet.

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Topical jokes about Sarah Palin, the number of trees on Earth, a shootout in Brooklyn, a pillow fight at West Point, a Muslim flight attendant, death by selfie, and other news stories.

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Topical jokes about a bombing in Bangkok, a woman who is allergic to wi-fi, the Ashley Madison hack, political correctness, a gang called Tango Blast, and Jerry Seinfeld's lemonade stand.

Note: Sorry this episode is so late. I spent the last two weeks writing jokes for a comedy festival in Sweden(?), and it took up all the free time I didn't spend procrastinating.

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Topical jokes about George Zimmerman's painting, female Viagra, the Ashley Madison hack, Kim Jong Un, Jared Fogle, and a pregnant MMA fighter.

Trivia: I think this is the funniest episode yet.

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Topical jokes about Donald Trump, the GOP presidential debate, skunks in the subway, Columbia House filing for bankruptcy, and Alabama's GoFundMe page.

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Topical jokes about North Korea's new time zone, a meth lab inside Taco Bell, Buzz Aldrin's travel expenses, a chicken with a prosthetic leg, MADD, and a prison escape on a surfboard.

Hopefully this doesn't sound too bad. My throat was really bugging me, and this was probably the twentieth take.


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Topical Jokes about Rob Schneider's baseball card being stolen, an inmate ripping out his own eyeball, bullets bouncing off of an armadillo, a 560,000 year old tooth, Subway setting a sandwich-making record, a dentist killing a lion in Zimbabwe, and the NSA being the NSA.

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Topical jokes about President Obama's birth certificate, paint that can repel urine, setting your poop on fire, Earth 2.0, Snoop Dogg being arrested, and a 560-pound-man riding across America.

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Topical jokes about Donald Trump, Jurassic sperm, garbage cans with wi-fi, Americans who are too fat to be in the military, and 50 Cent's bankruptcy.

Trivia: I am very ill, and recorded this while sweating from a fever.

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Topical jokes about Donald Trump and Chris Christie's presidential aspirations, a girl forced to live in the woods for eating a Pop-Tart, Thin Oreos, the death of the cofounder of Burt's Bees, a pizza hut employee holding his junk, a 116 year old woman, and's fears for the future of music.

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Topical jokes about President Obama saying the n-word, a confederate statue being vandalized, P. Diddy assaulting a man with a kettlebell, Brian Williams, a mile-long pizza, and fake breasts filled with cocaine.

Apologies for the slight static buzzing on this episode. The last time it happened I spent an hour making adjustments before it spontaneously fixed itself, and don't have the time or patience to do that again tonight.

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Topical jokes about free sex, Donald Trump running for president, North Korea's defectors, a woman on the ten dollar bill, iPhones that track how often you have sex, and The Gap closing stores.

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Topical jokes about a cop pulling a gun at a pool party, fecal matter on your toothbrush, new Starbucks flavors, a Bitcoin theft, and a dishonest fortune teller.

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Topical jokes about outlawing mankinis, TSA agents being terrible at their jobs, Chinese smoking ban, Muslims being denied cans of soda, a male version of Hooters, and legal weed at the North Pole.

Trivia: I recorded this while getting over a very bad headcold!

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Topical jokes about The Rock's selfie record, hiring data, graduating college at 11, President Obama's first job, and a hack at Adult FriendFinder.

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Topical jokes about President Obama joining twitter, a BASE jumping death, using Viagra to treat malaria, raising the minimum wage in Los Angeles, currency exchange manipulation, and a 1,500 mile butterfly corridor.

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Topical Jokes about a pig running for mayor, Southwest Airlines and suicide, a blind pole vaulter, Native Americans turning down a billion dollars, and a post office that stinks.

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Topical jokes about Olive Garden's "breadstick sandwiches", George Zimmerman, murder by atomic wedgie, secular America, and butterflies that eat cocaine.

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Topical jokes about The Price is Right, refugees in suitcases, taking your great-grandmother to prom, social security going bankrupt, and Pizza Hut saving a hostage.

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Topical jokes about the second Royal Baby, catching Ebola from sex, Stephen Hawking, the Nepal Earthquake, cocaine smuggling, and a devil's haircut (in my mind).

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Topical jokes about Lil Wayne, Richard Branson, stripper funerals, cancer, and divorcing a man because his penis is too big.

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Topical jokes about stealing dog poop, a parrot who drinks coffee, Ebola, Walmart embezzlement, North Koreans watching "The Interview", and Ben Affleck's family owning slaves.

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Topical jokes about McDonald's all day breakfast, Amazon Dash, California's water shortage, a stabbing over salsa, more ISIS beheadings, and a retirement home's sexy calendar.

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Topical jokes about a fire extinguisher factory, mandatory voting, Burger King cologne, George Zimmerman, and the name of Vin Diesel's baby.

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Topical jokes about the Freedom of Information Act, medical marijuana for pets, having a baby in the shower, Target's new minimum wage, and Liam Neeson's semi-retirement.

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Topical jokes about marijuana smuggling, a gay Star Wars character, shooting your TV, a portable meth lab, and a penis transplant.

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Topical jokes about Hillary Clinton's email address, a mysterious container labelled "Not Weed", sex changes in the Army, Chris Brown's baby, the Etsy IPO, and the new merger of Boko Haram and ISIS.

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Topical jokes about edible KFC cups, setting your own house on fire, legal marijuana, Vladimir Putin's critics mysteriously dying, and a man who has sex with mailboxes.

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Topical jokes about Kim Kardashian, a Game of Thrones Edition of Monoply, Native Americans versus Facebook, Internet Barbie, a book donation to Princeton University, and a study about retired people.

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Topical jokes about Justin Bieber, Bill Clinton, a 50 Shades of Grey word search, sleeping in a dumpster, Apple's $700 billion dollar valuation, and much, much more.

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Topical jokes about The Pope using a computer, The Vatican giving away free haircuts, a dating app for stoners, an app that tests for STDs, a 14 pound baby, transgendered bathrooms, and a horse in a bathtub.

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Topical jokes about gay marriage in Alabama, cancer in the UK, Sports Illustrated featuring a plus-sized model, Venezuela's condom shortage, a suspicious package, and a selfie that ended in tragedy.

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Topical jokes about bacon-scented lottery tickets, traffic jams, mandatory vaccinations, legalized marijuana, McDonald's, and Suge Knight.

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Topical jokes about DeflateGate, Cuban/US relations, bears eating chocolate, Sarah Palin, Google Fiber, and coma patients.

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Topical jokes about smuggling iPhones, shooting your husband, the Paris liberty march, outsourcing jobs, and smoking in the office.

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Topical jokes about a stolen Heisman, eating human hearts, Jon Jones on cocaine, Korean hackers, and baby co-defendants.

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Topical jokes about Harry Reid, a turn signal lever, the King of Saudi Arabia, legal marijuana, and a boy who gave up soda for a year.

Trivia: I accidentally reversed the farewell on this episode, but didn't bother re-taking it, as my voice is about to give out.

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A look back at topical jokes that were written before the podcast ever started. Jokes about Ebola, Kim Jong Un, strippers, really fat people, the Rosetta comet, Detroit, and more.

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