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Hey, I wrote a short story tonight, and decided to record it. This isn't the regular podcast, just me reading a short story (in earnest?)

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Thanks for listening! As always, I have two weeks to go viral and become a famous comedy writer, or I'll be homeless. Not really, but if I could be famous in two weeks, that would be awesome.

You can read my book in 3 different ways:

1. Download for FREE with Kindle Unlimited
2. Purchase the e-book for $3.95
3. Purchase the soft cover book for $5.99

The book is over 100 pages, so it's a good value however you choose to enjoy it.

I make like $2 per sale, and the goal is to just make it popular on Amazon so I can get a book deal, or get a job, go on a first and second date with a woman, I'm looking for any positive outcome.

Now that I'm thinking about it, it's probably hopeless, so I may stop plugging the book. Buy it right now before you forget.

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More than 40 copies sold!

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