The Jokes for Today

Topical jokes about Anthony Weiner's divorce, Ryan Lochte, killing your son, a world record for fist bumps, prison currency, and a dead bagpipe player.

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Topical jokes about cockroaches, Donald Trump, and a license plate that reads 8THEIST.

Note: This is a shorter episode, but I want to crank them out a lot faster.

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Topical jokes about: A really old Twinkie, squirting breastmilk on people, President Obama's approval rating, shooting a gun as a joke, Ozzy Osbourne's sex addiction, Mac 'n Cheetos, and Blink 182

HUGE APOLOGY ALERT. Most of these jokes are pretty old, because I wrote them last month when I submitted a packet for The Late Show with Stephen Colbert. After I finished that packet, I lost all interest in recording the jokes, and the podcast in general, and then did nothing for a month. I really just had zero interest in doing the podcast, and it's a small miracle I did it tonight.

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