The Jokes for Today

Topical jokes about a dog running a half-marathon, a movie theater shooting, a terrorist kangaroo, a masturbating driver, a fat Barbie doll, and much more.

Note: Thanks for listening, this is an extra long episode, and I hope you enjoy it.

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Topical jokes about Donald Trump shooting people, Tinder and STDs, a Chicago city councilman who is in jail, and a woman beating her husband with nunchucks.

Note: Remember when I said I was going to record episodes more frequently? OH, I MEANT THAT!

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Topical jokes about chocolate-covered french fries, the world's oldest man dying (again!), the Oregon militia, the weather, and El Chapo.

Note: Remember when I said I was going to record the show more frequently? OH, I MEANT THAT.

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Topical jokes about mail men destroying presents (not weeks old, I swear), Chipotle closing, powerball millionaires, and a police shooting.

Note: Sorry! I have been extremely lazy, I promise I'm going to post episodes more frequently.

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