The Jokes for Today

Topical jokes about George Zimmerman's painting, female Viagra, the Ashley Madison hack, Kim Jong Un, Jared Fogle, and a pregnant MMA fighter.

Trivia: I think this is the funniest episode yet.

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Topical jokes about Donald Trump, the GOP presidential debate, skunks in the subway, Columbia House filing for bankruptcy, and Alabama's GoFundMe page.

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Topical jokes about North Korea's new time zone, a meth lab inside Taco Bell, Buzz Aldrin's travel expenses, a chicken with a prosthetic leg, MADD, and a prison escape on a surfboard.

Hopefully this doesn't sound too bad. My throat was really bugging me, and this was probably the twentieth take.


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Topical Jokes about Rob Schneider's baseball card being stolen, an inmate ripping out his own eyeball, bullets bouncing off of an armadillo, a 560,000 year old tooth, Subway setting a sandwich-making record, a dentist killing a lion in Zimbabwe, and the NSA being the NSA.

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