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Topical jokes about The Rock's selfie record, hiring data, graduating college at 11, President Obama's first job, and a hack at Adult FriendFinder.

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Topical jokes about President Obama joining twitter, a BASE jumping death, using Viagra to treat malaria, raising the minimum wage in Los Angeles, currency exchange manipulation, and a 1,500 mile butterfly corridor.

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Topical Jokes about a pig running for mayor, Southwest Airlines and suicide, a blind pole vaulter, Native Americans turning down a billion dollars, and a post office that stinks.

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Topical jokes about Olive Garden's "breadstick sandwiches", George Zimmerman, murder by atomic wedgie, secular America, and butterflies that eat cocaine.

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Topical jokes about The Price is Right, refugees in suitcases, taking your great-grandmother to prom, social security going bankrupt, and Pizza Hut saving a hostage.

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Topical jokes about the second Royal Baby, catching Ebola from sex, Stephen Hawking, the Nepal Earthquake, cocaine smuggling, and a devil's haircut (in my mind).

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