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Topical jokes about a fire extinguisher factory, mandatory voting, Burger King cologne, George Zimmerman, and the name of Vin Diesel's baby.

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Topical jokes about the Freedom of Information Act, medical marijuana for pets, having a baby in the shower, Target's new minimum wage, and Liam Neeson's semi-retirement.

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Topical jokes about marijuana smuggling, a gay Star Wars character, shooting your TV, a portable meth lab, and a penis transplant.

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Topical jokes about Hillary Clinton's email address, a mysterious container labelled "Not Weed", sex changes in the Army, Chris Brown's baby, the Etsy IPO, and the new merger of Boko Haram and ISIS.

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Topical jokes about edible KFC cups, setting your own house on fire, legal marijuana, Vladimir Putin's critics mysteriously dying, and a man who has sex with mailboxes.

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