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Topical jokes about Kim Kardashian, a Game of Thrones Edition of Monoply, Native Americans versus Facebook, Internet Barbie, a book donation to Princeton University, and a study about retired people.

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Topical jokes about Justin Bieber, Bill Clinton, a 50 Shades of Grey word search, sleeping in a dumpster, Apple's $700 billion dollar valuation, and much, much more.

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Topical jokes about The Pope using a computer, The Vatican giving away free haircuts, a dating app for stoners, an app that tests for STDs, a 14 pound baby, transgendered bathrooms, and a horse in a bathtub.

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Topical jokes about gay marriage in Alabama, cancer in the UK, Sports Illustrated featuring a plus-sized model, Venezuela's condom shortage, a suspicious package, and a selfie that ended in tragedy.

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Topical jokes about bacon-scented lottery tickets, traffic jams, mandatory vaccinations, legalized marijuana, McDonald's, and Suge Knight.

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