The Jokes for Today

Topical jokes about DeflateGate, Cuban/US relations, bears eating chocolate, Sarah Palin, Google Fiber, and coma patients.

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Topical jokes about smuggling iPhones, shooting your husband, the Paris liberty march, outsourcing jobs, and smoking in the office.

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Topical jokes about a stolen Heisman, eating human hearts, Jon Jones on cocaine, Korean hackers, and baby co-defendants.

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Topical jokes about Harry Reid, a turn signal lever, the King of Saudi Arabia, legal marijuana, and a boy who gave up soda for a year.

Trivia: I accidentally reversed the farewell on this episode, but didn't bother re-taking it, as my voice is about to give out.

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A look back at topical jokes that were written before the podcast ever started. Jokes about Ebola, Kim Jong Un, strippers, really fat people, the Rosetta comet, Detroit, and more.

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