The Jokes for Today

Topical Jokes about Chipotle, the war in Afghanistan, male birth control, marijuana in Colorado, and Russia's economic downturn.

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Topical jokes about Christmas, Matthew McConaughey, medical marijuana in Denver, "The Interview", The Pope, and pregnant rats.

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Topical jokes about an all-female press conference, gun possession when you can't hold a gun, abortion in Missouri, police violence, and emailing a wrench.

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Topical Jokes about the Cromnibus, the Pope, postage stamps, cured Ebola patients, and Southwest airlines.

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Topical jokes about strippers working at a college, a giant baby in Colorado, the death of Ralph Baer, President Obama's sore throat, and The Pope's healthy lack of awareness.

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The Jokes for December 2nd

Topical jokes about government incompetence, Will Smith, Kim Jong Un, and Nazis losing their Social Security.

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The Jokes for November 30th

Topical jokes about Thanksgiving knife fights, subway weddings, Darren Wilson & Michael Brown, Busta Rhymes falling, and emotional support pigs.

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