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Topical jokes about: Trumpcare, throwing change into a jet engine, a dog who was elected mayor, and the Queen of England getting a raise.


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Show Transcript:

Good morning, good afternoon, and goodnight. These are the jokes for today for June 27th.
Hillary Clinton said ‘If Republicans pass this healthcare bill, they’ll be the death party’, And if there's anyone who knows about being the death of a party, it's Hillary Clinton.
A small town in Kentucky has elected a dog as mayor for the fourth time. The dog nearly lost the election when Wikileaks posted emails, where the dog confessed that he knew he wasn't a good boy.
In China, a flight was delayed for hours after an elderly woman threw coins into one of the engines for good luck. To prevent future occurrences, airport security no longer allows passengers to bring on, OLD CHINESE WOMEN.
The Queen of England is set to receive a 78% raise from the government. The raise is good news, because there'd been rumors around the watercooler, that the Queen was going to get laid off.
These were the jokes for today, and I, was Jonas Polsky.
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