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Topical Jokes about: Being struck by lightning, child sex slaves on Mars, Obama Boulevard, and a plane crash on the 405 freeway.

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Good morning, good afternoon, and goodnight. These are the jokes for today for July 5th.

In Florida, a pregnant woman gave birth after being struck by lightning. The good news is that now her iPhone is fully charged.

...the child was named "Sparky."
In response to a conspiracy theory, NASA issued a statement that there are no child sex slaves on Mars. They prefer to be called "underage astronaut prostitutes."

The Los Angeles city council has voted to name a street "Obama Boulevard." Drivers love the road, but Republicans have already promised that they will "reroute and repave Obama Boulevard."

Donald Trump's proposed replacement for Obama Boulevard is a quarter-mile of red lights and spike strips, that ultimately sends drivers over a cliff.
Speaking of roads --

Last week a plane crash-landed on the 405 freeway. Traffic on the freeway was backed up for miles, with hour-long delays, and then the plane crashed.
These were the jokes for today, and I, was Jonas Polsky.
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