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Topical Jokes about: The Pope starting a laundromat, a politician appearing via hologram, suicide-proofing the Golden Gate bridge, and paying hospital bills in advance.

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Show Transcript:

In Rome, The Pope has opened a new laundromat for the poor. It's just like a regular laundromat, except after you wash your clothing, you hang it to dry on a crucifix.
Many US hospitals are now requiring patients to pay for their medical care BEFORE they receive treatment. In a related story, people with gushing head wounds have started robbing banks.

In France, a politician is able to appear at several rallies at the same by, by projecting himself as a hologram. He's an honest politician, but voters see right through him.

The Golden Gate Bridge is set to receive suicide barriers to prevent people from jumping to their death. Now, people who want to commit suicide will have to go back to lighting themselves on fire.
In Colorado, marijuana enthusiasts have founded the International Church of Cannabis. The founder said he was inspired to start the church after he saw a burning bush.
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